27.10 - 30.10.2021  STATUS
Heidelberg, Germany

Conference Overview:
Microglia are a resident macrophage of the central nervous system at the intersection of immunology and neuroscience. They have gained increasingly more attention over the past decade as more research shows that they are key contributors to neural circuit development and function. There is also increasing evidence that microglia are also important in the etiology of many nervous system diseases. This workshop will highlight the many important functions of microglia to nervous system physiology and function, the newest and most exciting literature and will bring together researchers using state-of the art imaging, genomics and molecular biology to study these enigmatic cells.

Session Topics: 
Functional genomics
Microglial regulation of neural circuits
Microglia and metabolic functions
Microglia in neurodegeneration/demyelination
New models and methodologies to study microglia
Microglial communication with other brain cells

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