The Organizing Committee of the 2018 Spanish Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society (SEBBM) aims to organize a balanced and high-quality scientific program, in which the Symposia play a relevant role. In an effort to increase the participation of SEBBM members, we invite you to contribute in the elaboration of the scientific program. Thus, we open a period for submissionof SYMPOSIUM PROPOSALS in one of the following General Scientific Topics:

1.Biomolecular Structure and Function
2. Gene Regulation and Cell Signalling
3. Molecular Basis of Disease


Proposals for Symposia should include the following information:

1. General Scientific topic to which the offered Symposiumis assigned.
2. Title of the proposed Symposium.
3. Brief description (maximum 250 words) of the Symposium, justifying its current interest.
4. List of participants, including the following information:
-Organizer (name, affiliation, email)(SEBBM member, who presents the proposal and will act as Symposium chairperson).
-Three speakers (name, affiliation, email), one of them may be the organizer. The proponent member must ensure the availability of the speakers for the Symposium.
-Two recent publications of each speaker, related with the topic of the Symposium.

The proposal must be submitted by e-mail (using the attached form) by December15, 2017, to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1. A maximum of three Symposia per General Scientific Topic will be selected.
2. Key selection criteria will be: a) Scientific quality of the speakers; b) Thematic diversity of the Generic Scientific Topics; and c) Gender and geographical balance of the speakers.


1. The organizers shall be members of SEBBM at the time of submitting the proposal. Selected speakers will be invited to join the SEBBM as members.
2. Any individual can be part of only one Symposium proposal.
3. Speakers in Plenary Sessions or Symposia in the last two SEBBM Congresses shall not be included. This information is available in the document attached.


Speakers’ registration and accommodation expenseswill be covered by the organization. Likewise, the organization provides financial assistance for speaker travel expenses, up to 200€ for speakers residing in Spain or 400€ for speakers residing in other countries.


Proposals will be evaluated and selected by the Scientific Committee, which will notify the resolution to the Executive Committee for its final approval. The Scientific Committee shall then report its decision to the proposers.

Call for Symposium Proposals: Guidelines

Speakers in Plenary Sessions or Symposia in the last two SEBBM Congresses



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