Alberto Sols Prize (2020 edition)

Antonio Ferrer Montiel, director of the Institute for Research, Development and Innovation in Healthcare Biotechnology of Elche (IDiBE, Alicante) and editor-in-chief of the journal SEBBM has been awarded the Alberto Sols Prize for the best research trajectory together with Miguel Ángel Sanz Alonso, from the Clinical Area of Oncohaematology of the Hospital Universitari i Politècnic La Fe (Valencia).
This award was created in 1986 in honour of Alberto Sols (who died in 1989), an eminent enzymologist, founder and first president of the Spanish Biochemical Society.
Antonio Ferrer was already awarded the Alberto Sols Prize, in the 2002 edition, in the category of best scientific article.

Leopold Griffuel Award (48th edition)

Manuel Serrano, head of the Cellular Plasticity and Senescence Laboratory at IRB Barcelona and organizer of the 43rd SEBBM congress in Barcelona (2021), has been awarded the Leopold Griffuel Prize for his exceptional work and important contributions to the field of cell biology and, in particular, to the understanding of the mechanisms of oncogenesis and cell plasticity. the Leopold Griffuel award highlights the importance of fundamental research, as well as clinical research, in the fight against cancer.

Congratulations to Dr. Antonio Ferrer and Dr. Manuel Serrano and to SEBBM.


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