To celebrate its 50th Anniversary, SEBBM is organising the exhibition "Molecules of Life: 50 years of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Spain", a temporary exhibition that seeks to bring basic educational concepts of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology to audiences. The exhibition is funded by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology - Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (FECYT) and it will be travelling among museums and universities interested in receiving it. The opening will take place on September 2 at the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Madrid, coinciding with the celebration of SEBBM´s Congress. The contents proposed to the visitor imply an interactive tour among the basic molecules that constitute the cells of our body, promote our health and participate in our daily lives. We will use videos, games and interactive material. Among the modules offered there will be one devoted to "Sea Molecules", sponsored by the Spanish biotechnology company Zeltia, and one devoted to antifungals, spondored by MSD. The exhibition will also be sponsored by the company Bio-Rad.

Watch the presentation of the exhibition:

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